In exactly 11 days my parents will have been married 46 years!


It’s been an awfully weepy month so far. 

  • Question: I have a theory that you and waterflower20 are mother-daughter. Or maybe you and thesydda. I like the way you interact with them! I like all the things you've been writing about new chapters coming up. Your writing is literally the best thing. - Anonymous
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    I wish, in both cases! They’re both such wonderful ladies. J’adore! 

    My daughter is actually El (you may see me refer to her as El-El-El, too). She’s on here, but under a pseud she likes to keep private. 

    Thanks so much for saying such lovely things! I am smiling big, like this:

    I can’t possibly explain how much I like this message! Rzzmg is probably the best person on the Internet!

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"I will be unapologetic. I will live with no regrets. I will reach into the earth and rip out the injustice and I will crush it in my bare hands."


maryalisecarol replied to your post “Feeling Sad”

I’m terribly sorry! I know this might not help, but can imagine a bit of your pain. :/ It’s very hard to lose a close (animal) friend.

Thank you SO much!  I’m sorry I didn’t have the energy to respond to this last night, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your sympathy!

We did end up having to put her to sleep this morning, so it’s been kind of a rough day.


My Sadie


Probably have to put one of the family dogs down tomorrow.


This class is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be!

Photo Set

Front and back covers to the new Harry Potter books!


Better pictures of my new Harry Potter books when I’m not sitting in my car on a gloomy day about to rush off to class. Ie. Probably tonight!